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In the farm rows bursting with life, I realized that the answer to grief was not in locking myself away but in opening myself to whatever came next.... NYT »

How old is your average entrepreneur? Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg, Google’s Larry Page, Snap’s Evan Spiegel and Tesla’s Elon Musk all built businesses worth billions while still in their twenties. So is entrepreneurship the province of the young? The answer may surprise you.... Forbes »

Stocks fall as markets doubt the White House has a trade strategy.... WSJ »

Yet another price drop for MoviePass . Following statements that the app was tracking customers’ location, which CEO Mitch Lowe quickly backtracked on, the company is again dropping its pricing in an effort to attract more sign-ups in the wake of the bad press. Today, the cost of MoviePass annual subscription has dropped again to $89.95, […]... TechCrunch »

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